How Do I Enable Java in My Firefox Web Browser

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How Do I Enable Java in My Firefox Web Browser

Sometimes Java does not run applets even after installing Java. Usually, it’s not enabled in the Firefox web browser, you need to enable Javascript manually to access media developed in this programming feature.

Several heavy websites and advanced media format require Java add-on and integrated programs to run flawlessly. If you do not have it, just add it from the Firefox menu. This blog-post will guide with the actual process to use the advanced programming feature.

Steps to enable Java in Firefox browser

Step 1: Open the Firefox browser and restart it for activating a fresh session. This step applies, only if it is already running.

Step 2: Now open the Firefox menu, choose Tools, then click the Add-ons option and add the extension, as per the on-screen instructions.

Step 3: Choose Plugins from the Add-ons Manager window.

Step 4: Click Java (TM) Platform plugin (Windows) or Java Applet Plug-in (Mac OS X) to select it.

Step 5: Inspect that the option you chose Ask to Activate or Always Activate or on older Firefox versions, next click on the Enable button (if the button says Disable, Java is already enabled on your browser.)

For security reasons, Firfox has disabled the plug-in from automatically running due to the security issues. To activate it immediately, click the ACTIVATE option, when a message appears on the screen. If there's no activate field on the webpage or the option doesn't work, then open the message panel and click Allow Now to temporarily enable Java content.

Steps to activate Javascript for trusted websites

Step 1: From the address bar, click the plugin icon and a message panel will pop-out.

Step 2: Click Allow and Remember in the message panel.

Step 3: Visit any site, wait for the plug-in to run automatically and click the ACTIVATE message.

Once the JAVA is activated, a security prompt appears on the screen. It asks you to confirm that you wish to run Java or a message "App Blocked By Security Settings."In order to continue the service, you need to click run. Sometimes, the user might face errors while following the process to enable add-ons, at such time dial the Firefox customer service number and get assistance from the tech savvy agents. For finding independent Mozilla Firefox number, visit the web-directory (Contactforhelp.)

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