Relocate Emails between the Inbox Tabs in Gmail

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Relocate Emails between the Inbox Tabs in Gmail

The tabbed inbox method in Gmail is the best way to manage your email messages into sections, yet adjusting the incoming emails into sections is not a tactic, this is directly recognizable. Google has introduced this amazing feature in 2013, which bought a new inbox for millions of users where they get all their emails are saved automatically into the default sections of the inbox, such as ‘Primary’, ‘Promotions’ and ‘Social’.

Although this feature runs decently, but sometimes you will find an email highlight in the wrong section. In fact, Gmail doesn’t include any filter options like labels and doesn’t have any control over the label system. Therefore, in such a situation, you cannot get any help by choosing emails, using ‘Label as’, ‘Move to’ or using other kinds of Gmail GUI elements.

However, using the Gmail web interface, you can still move email messages among sections by dragging and dropping them. Though it looks obvious, but without using drag/drop functionality, you will not be able to have stumbled upon this tactic yourself. Contacting the phone number for Google technical support is an additional expertise you can get from the skilled experts.

  1. In order to relocate messages among inbox sections, find the emails you want to categorize. Here’s either you can move single email at a time, or you can choose multiple emails by putting a check mark nearby them and move the entire selections.
  2. Click and clutch on the email. Subsequently, drag the particular email near the tab you want to move it to, and then drop the email into the new section by releasing the mouse button.
  3. Now, you will get a warning message that the email has been relocated to a new section. If you want to get them back, click the ‘Undo’ button. You will also get a notification ‘Do this for future messages from’, here’s you need to click the ‘Yes’ to sort messages automatically you get from the sender in the future.

If you want to reverse the procedure for an email, you can apply the same process to return it to the old section from the new one, but make sure that you wish the incoming emails to be sent to the new category selection directly.Hence, by making an effort for a few seconds, you can quickly relocate improper emails and enjoy the best ordered Gmail experience. However, if you still have any concerns, call at the Google Gmail help number listed in Contactforhelp to find quick and reasonable query resolution.

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